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047 - How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

June 01, 2023 John Marshall & Tony Holmes
The Present Professional
047 - How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss overcoming one of the key fears in becoming the best version of ourselves. We're tribal beings, and belonging has been important for our survival for millennia. Yet, this primal fear still lives within us and shows up to keep us small and living with the familiar.

We discuss strategies to step out of comparison and focus on becoming better than previous versions of ourselves. Also, tools to rationalize fears when our minds start to blow things out of proportion to increase resistance. Nurturing your network and stepping into new arenas to connect with the people that will get you where you want to be is on the other side of fear and comparison.

Many times in our lives, we've had to overcome the fear of rejection, and they have all led to stepping into spaces of opportunity. It comes down to having the audacity to ask for what you want. Maybe it's not the right time for you to have it, or perhaps the opportunity passed is a blessing in disguise, but you'll never find the one for you if you're hiding behind irrational fears.

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