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Listen Again: Becoming Resilient and Proactive Mental Health

May 04, 2023 John Marshall & Tony Holmes
The Present Professional
Listen Again: Becoming Resilient and Proactive Mental Health
Show Notes

Originally aired September 22nd, 2022, Becoming Resilient is more relevant than ever as we enter into Mental Health Awareness Month. Start being proactive with your mental health today by cultivating resilience in your life. Thank you for listening!
In this episode, we define what resilience means to us and then move straight into strategies we've utilized to become more resilient throughout our lives and careers, as well as those from the latest research.

Resilience starts with building your awareness. We get ourselves stuck in thought loops that do not serve us, lapsing into old stories from a fixed mindset like, "I'm not good enough" or "Nothing ever works out for me." Noticing these thoughts and stories coming up is the first battle. The next is beginning to question them. This awareness starts to separate us from the story, so we can look at the situations and challenges of our lives objectively and see them for what they are—temporary! It does not have to be about us because we're constantly changing along with the rest of the world.

We discuss different practices, principles, and perspectives to upgrade your resilience in facing the inevitable adversities of work and life. We may never be able to avoid them, but we can 100% of the time change the way we experience them.

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