The Present Professional

037 - The Reality of Balancing Your Life

March 16, 2023 John Marshall & Tony Holmes
The Present Professional
037 - The Reality of Balancing Your Life
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss what balance really looks like in our lives. Balance is not an achieved state. It's a dance around equilibrium that we do weekly and daily. The key is something that we call macro mindfulness. We'll show you ways to look at your life objectively to see where you're committing time and energy.

Are you making balance a priority in your life? We talk about how meditation and increasing self-awareness can help you notice imbalances in your life. It starts with knowing what you value and are committed to, then having the tools and practices to notice when things are out of wack.

There's a misconception that balance is moving between work and rest. While this is sometimes the case and rest is critically important, an imbalance can be associated with inaction. Are you taking action in the right place in your life that represent your values, commitments, and purpose? Are you keeping the promises you make to yourself? These can all lead to burnout and imbalance.

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