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033 - The Power of Slowing Down and Being Intentional

February 16, 2023 John Marshall & Tony Holmes
The Present Professional
033 - The Power of Slowing Down and Being Intentional
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss the power you can find in your life and work by simply slowing down. There's a lot that we miss out on when we're participating in the rat race. Moving quickly creates tunnel vision, missing important details that could have changed the course of your experience and maybe your entire life. Slowing down gives you pause to be aware of the other forms of intelligence you have, your emotions, and your intuition. You'll walk away with the insight necessary to begin noticing when it's time to slow down and be intentional with how you want to move forward and spend your energy.

There's not only power in growth and decision-making; there's more enjoyment in each moment! When you have tunnel vision, how are you able to take in the view? Being intentional with our time and energy has been a key part of what's gotten us where we are, and it's the reason we have so many detailed moments to draw from. because we were THERE, you can be there too. Find out how in this episode. 

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