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032 - Overcoming The Fear of "Major" Decisions

February 09, 2023 John Marshall & Tony Holmes
The Present Professional
032 - Overcoming The Fear of "Major" Decisions
Show Notes

What even classifies as a major decision? In this episode, we discuss ways to help yourself get to the point of moving forward and out of ambivalence. This is one of the biggest obstacles to realizing your full potential in life. We look at fear from different angles and teach you how to honor and integrate your fear. Ultimately the fear has served you in some way. Keeping you safe and comfortable in a familiar feeling and environment.

Having a decision-making process can help alleviate common concerns that come up in your life. We unpack some of the major decisions that we made in our lives and careers and walk you through the process that we used and what we learned as we stepped into life-altering transitions. As coaches that work with clients regularly through major life transitions, there is a way to take in the insights from each of your intelligence centers. What are your head, heart, and gut telling you? We'll talk about how to listen to each and trust that whatever decision you make, your power is there.

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