The Present Professional

028 - How to Move from A Job Mindset to A Career Mindset

January 12, 2023 John Marshall & Tony Holmes
The Present Professional
028 - How to Move from A Job Mindset to A Career Mindset
Show Notes

This episode discusses the powerful shift from viewing your work as a task-based exchange for a paycheck to a role that contributes to creating your career. We discuss our journeys through realizing this mindset shift and what helped us along the way, so you can fast-track aligning your decisions with a career path that feels good for you. Your career path will continue to evolve, shift, and elevate. The important part is to start on A path, and continue to learn about yourself, what you want, and the difference you want to make.

This is the long game. Are you going to commit to the process of building a career? Create a vision for your future that can change and embody the values you want to stand by when making tough decisions. When you have to sacrifice for a developmental opportunity or what you want at the time, that will be what you stand by. Discomfort, in hindsight, is often the best thing that's ever happened, and it can be appreciated as part of the Present Professional journey you're committed to.

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